Lake Talquin Bass Fishing Tours: Recent Catches!

This is a great time of year to catch big bass. They are beginning to move into the shallows.



Winter 2015

Lake Talquin, Tallahassee, FL

The seasonal changes are upon us and I am glad to see it.  The water temperature is around 65.  The bass are starting to bite quite well.  I’ve been catching a few on a spinner bait and a worm.  You can never go wrong with a black and blue worm.  I use a Carolina Rig which is always a dominate bait on Talquin.  There are a lot of bass moving shallow in 3 – 8 foot of water.


Lake Seminole, GA

Lake Seminole should start getting hot in the near future.  The bass will hit a rattle trap real well or a spinner bait.  I would start fishing on the backside of the grass on the river channel.  This time of the year, flipping deep hydrilla or any kind of cover can be very productive.  Never forget a square bill KVD  crankbait.

Summer Bass fishing patterns – June-August 2015

Lake Talquin, Tallahassee, FL.  The bass have moved deep because of warmer water temperature.  The water temperature is 85 degrees. They are ledges on very specific places.  High spots, stumps and anything that is a structure on ledges.  Bass are caught on Carolina Rig, big crankbaits, and big Texas rigged worm.  I have found a few isolated big bass on boat docks and isolated wood.  The main thing is to fish slow until you locate the fish.  Once you find them they are usually bunched up.  Look for balls of shad on the ledges.


Lake Seminole, GA and N.Florida:  The fishing is relatively good on Seminole.  I use topwater baits such as; Zara Spook, Chuckbug, and Buzzbaits.  After the sun gets up, use a worm on the edges of the grass.  The flipping bite should start to pick up in the near future.  I have been catching some big Crappie while fishing bass so they are all in the same places.

February and March Fishing Report

Lake Talquin: Bass fishing is just starting to light up now. Bass are starting to move shallow for spawning. You can catch them on a worm, Sinko, and top water fishing will start to get productive in the near future. I took two gentlemen out from Indiana this past week despite the windy and rainy weather. We still caught 71 fish in 3 days. The biggest was 8.2lbs. They were all caught on plastic worms.


Lake Seminole: I was out yesterday pre fishing for some upcoming tournaments. I caught several bass on a spinnerbait. The fish are also starting to move in and spawn if we could ever get some stable weather it would be awesome. Bass are near the edges of the flats in 3-6 feet of water. The biggest I caught was about 7lbs. and caught on a June Bug worm.

Lake Talquin June 2011

The lake is down about 1 foot.  It is getting to a point where it can be dangerous with all the stumps, even if you think you know the lake.  The bass fishing seems to be good one day and two days later they won’t bite in that area.  The key is 9-12’ of water and finding the balls of shads on the break lines.  I had a good guide trip last Saturday and caught 23 fish on a half day trip.  We caught them all on a Carolina Rig.  There were no big fish but we consistently caught fish.  Big bass can be caught on a black and blue jig. The bite is slow.  When they finally bite the jig, it’s a big fish.  Fish slow with lots of patience.


Fellow fisherman love this sport.  That’s the reason we chase bass all over country. Be aware of how our lakes are being abused by some people with litter and the destruction of the ramp and park facilities.  If you see something, report it. Let’s take care of God’s creations and be thankful we have the opportunity to do what we love it do.

Talquin and Seminole Fishing Report

Lake Talquin April 2010

Amos from Dayton, Ohio and I spent a productive day on the water catching 16 bass on a ½ day guide party.  The largest being 9lbs 2 oz.  Some were caught on top water and some on plastic worms.  We found them in the back of bays and creeks.  I was in the process of taking a picture of Amos with his big fish and it slipped out of his hands and returned to the lake. I should have snapped a picture of the look on his face!  I also fished our club tournament that weekend.  My partner, Audrey (picture) caught her very first limit of 5 off the back of my boat.  She was so excited she called all her family members.  We both had limits that day. The bass were still in the back of bays and creeks.  They are no longer there however.  They are on their way to the main river ledges.  Audrey’s husband caught a 13lb 1oz. bass in the tournament and won.

Talquin is a jewel of a small reservoir lake full of fish of all species.  Blue Gill and Shell Crackers should be spawning on the next full moon.  Crickets or red wrigglers will catch them.  The Crappie are in the creek channels around 8-10’ and can be caught on small jigs and minnows.


Lake Seminole, N. Florida April 27, 2010

            These fronts wrecked havoc on fishing.  I’ve been practicing for the FLW American Series. One front after another makes the fish move from their previous locations.  When the front comes they move to deeper water.  When the weather stabilizes they are usually shallow.  High winds also reposition the fish as well as the fluctuation of the water levels.  You need to take all of this into consideration when fishing.  Experience is the best teacher.  I’ve been successful with a rattle trap and top water bait.  However, the next day you have to figure it out and try it all over again. A rattle trap and big worm seem to do the trick.  Blue Gill and Shell Crackers are starting to bed.  You can catch them with crickets or red wrigglers.